A Better Chance for Success

Much of American’s infrastructure has been focused on the coastal boundaries of the nation which is not uncommon through most of the developed world. What is unique about the United States is the number of individuals still living in rural communities often deeply disconnected from basic utility services, including access to high speed Internet. Hughesnet Internet is a service provider able to reach out to those rural communities who have only experienced Sloth like Internet speeds offered only by dial up. This can come at a cost and is a hotly debated subject due to the prohibitive fee associated with connecting lines in a rural area.

I firmly believe that this should not come at any cost required to be paid by residents. The Internet has quickly grown to become one of the most necessary utilities that we’ve developed. Continue reading A Better Chance for Success

Energy and Electricity in Texas

It kind of astonishes me that there are so many different electricity companies out there in the state of Texas. But at the same time, I wonder how many energy companies would be in other states, if the electricity was not regulated and rendered a virtual monopoly. I think I like the Texas approach better and it seems more democratic. I use Just Energy Texas and I am fairly confident that I get a great rate from them.

But at the same time, I will admit that I find myself looking at electricity prices from other companies from time to time. But that is just to make sure that I am still getting a good deal. I don’t really expect it will change, but you never know with this sort of thing. Continue reading Energy and Electricity in Texas

Why We Stick with CPL Texas As Our Energy Provider

I know we have the choice to choose who we want to provide our electricity here in Texas, but I wanted to stick with a company that actually has an active interest in developing our communities where they provide service. I did not want to buy electricity from a company that had no vested interest in me or my fellow Texans. This is why we have service through CPL Texas as our energy company. This company is involved in a lot of charity work that benefits Texans.

Did you know they actually funded lighting projects for areas in towns that did not have enough outdoor lighting at night. We all know that streetlights are a safety thing that no community should be without. They support green initiatives, and have given more than a half million to help low income folks pay for their energy bills here in Texas. Continue reading Why We Stick with CPL Texas As Our Energy Provider

We Decided We Need Our Own App

My boss decided that we need to start thinking about building an app for the clients to use. I have the job of figuring out how to take that idea and make it into a reality. So far I have been not really able to figure out who is going to be able to deliver. I think the best lead that I have is a mobile apps developer in Singapore. He was the only one I found who had people to vouch for him and he had some apps that he had designed which he showed me. Actually I found them on the web. Continue reading We Decided We Need Our Own App