Why Tahitian Black Pearls are better than other cultured pearls.

Photo taken by Remi Jouan

Photo taken by Remi Jouan

Pearl jewelry has become quite popular among the masses. Pearls add beauty to your jewelry. However, pearls are quite expensive to purchase, but they give an exclusive look to your jewelry. Pearls have a mystical look that will match suit any outfit. If you look out for the trendiest jewelry in the market then you will find pearl jewelry on top. There are different types of pearls that are available on the market. The value of each pearl varies and depends upon various quality factors. Natural pearls are the most expensive form of gems and are very rare in nature. These natural pearls form the most expensive jewelry. Natural pearls are a creation of the sea and are formed by hard-shelled mollusks in the wild. There are very few jewelry shops where you can get these natural pearls because of their rarity. You can explore varieties of cultured pearls that are used for making beautiful jewelry items. But before getting pearl jewelry it is always better to know which one suits your style and pocketbook in the best manner.

The various types of pearls are freshwater, Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian. Each type of pearl has some unique characteristics. If you know the difference between each type of pearl then that will help you make an informed decision while selecting your own pearl jewelry.

Freshwater pearls come under the least-expensive pearl list. Their size varies from 4mm to 11mm. They are found in different shapes like round, semi-round, oval, button, baroque, semi-baroque, and coin. They are available in various colours like white, cream, gold, peach, pink, and purple. Their luster can vary from excellent to fair grade. The surface ranges from rich clean to highly spotted surface. They are cultured in mussels, and from each mussel we get up to fourteen pearls. Freshwater pearls are produced mainly in China.

Akoya pearls were the first cultured pearls that were introduced by Japan in the 20th century. They are famous for their high-luster surface and rich colours. The size of these pearls varies from 2mm to 10mm. Most of them are spherical in shape and are found in a colour range of white to cream with yellow, pink, or blue overtones.

South sea pearls are produced in the warm water of Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are cultivated in silver-lip or golden-lip oysters. The size of these pearls varies from 9mm to 18mm. They are found in various shapes like round, oval, baroque, etc. The colour of pearls highly depends upon the oyster from which that pearl was cultivated. The luster can vary from excellent to fair, and surface can be clean to lightly spotted surface.

Tahitian pearls are considered as the queen of all pearls as they are the most exotic and the most demanding pearls in the market. A pearl is a real Tahitian pearl only if it is cultured in French Polynesia. They are found in the most unique colour shades that make you think that they are not the real colours of pearl. The colour range varies from dark black to silver white and every colour between. The most popular colour in Tahitian pearl is green and peacock. Their size varies from 8mm to 14mm. Tahitian pearls are available in various shapes and have an excellent surface luster. All these factors make Tahitian pearls the best cultured pearl. It is always better to get these pearls as Tahitian pearls are better than other cultured pearls.

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